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Connect to everything in a few clicks

Samsung S5 is one of the most advanced devices ever created. Allots you to connect to the web, to your loved ones and to all other devices globally and instantly. You have the opportunity to check out the latest details here.

Powerful screen, even better sound

The screen on S5 has been developed after years of testing, to provide the best results.

Clever interface

All the apps and features are easy to reach in a few clicks only.

Ergonomic design

The most comfortable phone to hold in hand ever.

Powerful sound

Speakers are extremely strong, offering crystal clear audio at any given moment.

Great camera for professionals

The camera is so powerful and so sophisticated that it can capture any photo and any video in any situation preserving the natural colors and a high level of attention to detail.

Advanced hardware

From processor, to RAM S5 offers the most powerful ingredients ever.

Super fast

Navigation, apps and advanced processes are extremely fast at all times.

Compatible with everything

Now you can install any app and use any game wherever you are.

New design that changes everything

Record everything

Recent Blog Entries

The Best Time to Upgrade Your PC & Why

If you are thinking of upgrading your computer, there are some factors you should know before doing so. One of these factors is your motherboard. Sometimes, it isn’t financially viable to upgrade your motherboard. While new hardware can be expensive, older hardware doesn’t perform as well.


Adding more RAM is a relatively inexpensive and easy upgrade to your PC. RAM is short-term memory that stores current processes. However, it won’t help your PC if it is not being used. Increasing RAM can help you make your computer feel snappier, but it won’t do much if your system is running slowly or is not optimized. Most PCs come with two to four gigabytes of RAM, and you might not need more than that.

RAM saves CPU time and is critical for fast processing. Upgrading your PC’s RAM can dramatically improve its performance. There are several types of RAM, including SODIMM and DIMM modules. In general, desktop computers need DIMM modules while laptops typically use smaller SODIMM modules.

While adding RAM is an easy and cheap upgrade, it is important to note that the return on investment is not as great as it used to be. An increase of eight gigabytes will give a noticeable boost, but a jump of 32 gigabytes won’t give much of an increase. Furthermore, adding more RAM won’t be as expensive as boosting hard drive space, which is a more affordable upgrade.


An SSD upgrade can give your PC a significant speed boost. SSDs have boot times that average between 10 and 13 seconds, and they open files and applications quicker than HDDs. The speed of your PC depends on its storage speed, which directly impacts its boot time, application loading, and access time.

In addition to speed, SSDs are quieter than HDDs, which means you won’t have to listen to the whirring of a fan to get a file. These drives also have built-in power failure circuitry that can protect your data from being wiped out in case of power fluctuations. Furthermore, some SSDs come with backup batteries, which provide additional protection from power outages. Having a slow computer can lead to frustration, constant restarting, and a lot of wasted time.

The SSD can be an excellent upgrade for older computers, but you’ll still need decent amounts of memory and processing power to get the most out of your new PC. If your computer is over five years old, an SSD might even be too slow to keep up with the new technology. The downside is that SSDs can damage other parts of your PC, so you might want to consider upgrading your RAM before making the switch to an SSD.

Graphics card

The best time to upgrade your graphics card is before you run out of money. GPU prices have been rising in recent months due to shortages and increased demand from cryptocurrency miners. Luckily, the situation is improving. You can still get a great card for a very reasonable price. Nonetheless, if you’re a gamer, it may be time to upgrade your graphics card.

The main sign that your GPU is past its prime is a declining frame rate in modern games. Your graphics card is the main factor in framerates, so if you’re having trouble with 60 FPS in popular games, it’s time to upgrade. Ideally, your graphics card should be able to push up to 144 FPS, even for competitive eSport games.

Before upgrading your graphics card, make sure you know what kind of games and programs you’re going to use it for. For example, you’ll want to know how many cores you need to run your games. Also, you’ll want to think about the clock speed of the graphics card. For example, if you’re planning on playing VR flight simulation games, you’ll need a faster graphics card than someone who’s going to play 1080p games. You’ll also want to consider other features such as whether the graphics card will fit in with your current case.

Hard drive

Usually, a computer has two storage drives: a primary and secondary hard drive. The primary drive contains your operating system and installed software. The secondary drive is for documents, videos, and other types of data. If you notice your hard drive getting slower or running out of space, you may need to upgrade your hard drive. If you have enough space, you may also upgrade to two or more drives.

A faster hard drive can make your computer faster. While the speed boost isn’t nearly as noticeable as having more storage space, it will greatly improve the overall performance of your computer. It should also make large files and software load more quickly. Additionally, as your hard drive gets older, it becomes less reliable, so it’s important to upgrade as soon as you notice it’s failing.

Upgrade your hard drive to a solid-state drive. These drives are faster than traditional HDDs and can dramatically improve the performance of an older computer. SSDs also require less power than HDDs, which helps prolong battery life.

Vaping In 2020: What You Need to Know about Puff Bars

The New Year came with a surprise in the vaping industry with the introduction of Puff Bars. This is surely going to surpass all standard in portable vaping device. Controversy may again rage over the relative safety and dangers of smoking and vaping, but that isn’t anything new.

As 2020 progresses, however, consumers anticipate the regulation of vaping: from where one can vape to where one can buy equipment and how these equipment’s will be made. Let’s look at what a vaper can expect.

There Will Be Change

Nothing is going to stop the vaping industry from growing. Too much momentum has built up and debate in the media just draws more attention to Puff Bars. On the other hand, nothing will prevent the FDA from developing strict guidelines from time to time which will probably be further formalized. The government will enforce these regulations and consumers, in general, support this move.

Who Will Be Hit Hardest?

Changes will hit the e liquid industry hard. Small stores creating their own e juices in rooms they keep spotless but which are not certified as “clean rooms” or “labs” are likely to be given two choices: upgrade or clean out. Their businesses might continue to operate, but only if they buy ejuice from vendors who manage to meet FDA standards. Custom blending anyway has become a thing of the past for the non-certified.

In other words, fewer labels will be available on the commercial market. Consumers can expect to see some underground trading and flouting of regulations, while DIY juice makers will also distribute juice to their friends without a direct exchange of funds. Some of your favorite juice labels could be among them.

The problem with Vape Juice is that standards regarding the environment in which blending, and bottling takes place are inconsistent and potentially dangerous. Uncertainties around ingredients commonly ingested but, prior to the invention of e cigs, will have to be cleared up.

Eliquid Depot showed they could impress the vaping audience with Puff Bars and are capable to produce very good product. This makes it obvious from the review Puff Bars has got since its launch. The craze about puff bars are not going to end anytime soon, which is obvious when you check out this product.

Teenage Use, Looming Regulations and Safety

Arguments that have to do with child safety and standards of Puff Bars if they are valid and reasonable. Vapers and the general public need to be aware of the science behind making of Puff Bars and statistics behind these ongoing debates.

There has been a huge rise in use of Puff Bars and evidence seems to suggest that many who never even smoked before like to use Puff Bars. That is also just one side of the story, though it is mentioned frequently and is a hot topic in the industry. There is also evidence that suggests smoking tobacco cigarettes is at the lowest it has ever been in the young demographic, due to the surge in vaping device, and even all demographics for that matter.

Agendas and Propaganda? Or Looking Out for The Public’s Best Interest?

Because there are many agendas at hand, and there are numerous differing views, there are many hot topics, including the loss of cigarette tax revenue, the threat to small businesses with too much regulation, the effect of Puff Bars on youth (and adults), whether the youth are attracted to vaping, or if it is still the same percentage that would have smoked anyways, if vaping is better for people’s long term health, what the side effects of second hand vapor are, whether are Puff Bars effective for quitting smoking etc.

Of course, organizations are affected in huge ways with revenue from all angles. Obviously Puff Bars will further lower cigarette revenue and tax.

Vaping advocates hone in on those areas, along with how they claim it is a boon for the economy, for individuals (not so much for Big Tobacco corporations, nor institutions who used the tax revenue from cigarettes), in how it make life convenient, creates jobs, fills empty retail spaces, and could potentially have many more benefits.

Advocates for heart and lung health strongly support any product or movement that will improve the lives of individuals suffering from smoking-related illnesses. Their point of view is also valid: vaping has saved many lives.

Where quit-smoking methods like patches and nicotine gum failed, vaping device did the trick.

Puff Bars Are Here to Stay

With the release of Puff Bars which makes vaping in an instant and with no maintenance being a disposable vape system, beginner and intermediate vapers think the other devices they currently prefer will become obsolete. As the Puff Bars is easy to use, affordable, and compact; familiar even though new.

Most people prefer to hold a portable vaporizer like Puff Bars because it feels more natural. They generally prefer not to refill liquid because of the mess and hassle, so there are bound to be more pre-filled products on the market.